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Fellowship Reflections

The first time I visited Halsway Manor I felt like I’d come home to a place where I could really 2014-04-14 19.32.51

nourish and develop myself, both creatively and personally. This feeling gets stronger with every visit. I am writing this in the comfort of the beautiful wood-panelled bar, looking out over the rolling Somerset hills, delighting in the fact that, in this moment, I’m totally content with where I am in the world and in my life.

OR7Z1270The BBC Performing Arts Fellowship has led me on a path to whole new genres of dance, new artists to collaborate with, new friends to enthuse with about dance and folk arts, new places to thrive in, new dreams to nurture of what I might do next.

Opportunities I have enjoyed so far include regular mentoring with Kerry Fletcher, which is a delight and an honour. I also worked with Shooting Roots on their Winter Residency in February. This was a wonderful week, supportive and enriching; again I felt like I’d come home because the creative team running the course were so welcoming and inspiring. I am really excited to be working as a tutor for Shooting Roots at Broadstairs and Towersey festivals this summer.

Shooting Root’s Winter Residency was also invaluable to me because it was there I met Nonny Tabbush. What a wonderful singer and musician! We went on to collaborate on Stepping Out – the most significant part of my Fellowship so far – a dance residency I led during Hot House. OR7Z1509Working with Nonny and seven professional dancers, I created a work-in-progress piece for the Hot House Festival based on Sherryl Jordan’s story The Raging Quiet. It was a piece of narrative dance theatre that integrated Morris, Clog, Step, Country, African, Brazilian, French and Contemporary dance and combined them with music and song.

OR7Z1672Stepping Out was joyful, full on, hard work, stimulating and a really rich creative experience that I look forward to repeating in the December residency at the end of my Fellowship.OR7Z1684

Ideas abound when I’m at Halsway. Currently, I’m musing on an idea to run historical dance events. Halsway and I are keen to find ways to get more people dancing. Considering the OR7Z1614popularity of period dramas, novelty nights out and speed dating, I would love to set up a company putting on Playford Balls. The balls would be called like a ceilidh so that anyone can join in, with an emphasis on socialising and meeting new people. Held in a beautiful historic venue, with period costume, period food, a Master of Ceremonies and some playful rules of etiquette such as dance cards, I hope that the idea would have a wide appeal.

This idea came about when on a brilliant Playford dancing course at Halsway in March and I am looking forward to learning more on the Beyond Playford course next weekend.

OR7Z1740With this Fellowship, Halsway Manor and the BBC have given me a professional development opportunity that continues to offer far more than I ever expected. Since this is to be the final year of the BBC Performing Arts Fund, I am struck again by just how fortunate I am to be enjoying this wonderful fellowship and I’m excited to see where else it takes me. Right now I’m going to take a book of stories out of the library and sit under the beautifully bedecked maypole in the sun…

BBC PAF Fellowship


This year Hannah has been awarded one of 32 prestigious BBC Performing Arts Fellowships.

Hosted by Halsway Manor National Centre for Folk Arts, the Fellowship will enable Hannah to train extensively in folk dance styles from across Europe and to create new work combining folk arts with dance and circus for performance in 2015-16.

The Fellowship programme includes:

  • 3 residencies at Halsway to sketch out new performance material
  • A longer residency Nov-Dec to create a full length piece to tour in 2016
  • Training at Halsway Manor and elsewhere to develop Hannah’s folk dance vocabulary
  • Mentoring with folk dance practitioner Kerry Fletcher to help Hannah’s professional development

For thoughts on the Fellowship so far click here

The Stepping Out Dance Residency was the first residency of the Fellowship. Hannah worked with seven professional dancers and folk musician Nonny Tabbush to create work in progress for a scratch performance at the Hot House Festival. Two pieces came out of Stepping Out. One was a piece of narrative dance theatre inspired by Sherryl Jordan’s novel The Raging Quiet, which explores the themes of friendship, isolation, prejudice and freedom.

The other piece for outdoor performance and experiemented with combining folk music and dance with contemporary dance forms.

Curriculum Vitae

Location: OxfordSONY DSC

Tel. 07588201084             Email:

Equity number: 00426749


Education and Qualifications

2013-2014       Circomedia                            Level 5 Certificate in Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre

2008-2012       University of Oxford:          BA Classics, 2:1.

2005-2007       Cirencester College:          ‘A’ Levels Grade A: English language, Philosophy,

Classical Civilisation, English Literature.

2000-2005      Cirencester Deer Park:      11 GCSEs, grades ranging B-A*.



Circus and Physical Theatre

Circomedia Centre for Contemporary Circus and Physical Theatre                             2013-2014

Specialising in:                                                                                                          

  • Physical theatre
  • Acrobalance

Further training in:

  • Dance and creative movement, including ballet, contemporary, kung fu, mime
  • Body conditioning
  • Performance and devising
  • Aerial
  • Tumbling
  • Object manipulation.


Barnstorm Youth Drama Summer Projects.                                                                                            2003-2007

Flies on the Wall Youth Theatre                                                                                                                  2000-2007

  • Performances at the National Theatre as winners of the National Theatre Connections Competition 2005.


Dance and Movement

Salsa                                                                                                                                                                      2002-2014

  • Member of the Oxford University Salsa Team 2011-2012

Russian Ballet                                                                                                                                                   2004-2014

Jive and Swing dance                                                                                                                                     2007-2014

Tango intensive in Buenos Aires                                                                                                              2008

Flamenco                                                                                                                                                            2006-2007

Jazz and Musical Theatre dance                                                                                                                                2006-2008

Contemporary, Modern, Waltz, Quickstep, Rumba, Cha Cha, Folk (ad hoc)                           2005-2014

Tai Chi                                                                                                                                                                  2005-2008


Theatre Projects:

Since 2008 I have worked on a wide range of theatre projects. This includes the creation of two

original dance theatre productions Tamlane (2010) and The Barefaced Night (2012).

In the role of Artistic Director and Choreographer these projects involved:

  • Choreographing the integration of physical theatre with over 10 different dance styles, music, song and spoken word
  • Working with ensemble casts of 20 – 40 performers
  • Directing/working closely with the rest of the production team
  • Overall artistic and administrative responsibility.

Other projects include:

Choreographer for The 39 Steps, Cranleigh School, Guildford.                                                                  2014

Choreographer for Miss Julie, Reading Repertory Theatre.                                                                        2013

Choreographer for The Merchant of Venice, Shakespeare on the Lake, Oxford.                               2013

Choreographer and Performer, winning entry for Dance Your PhD 2013.                                                            2013

Choreographer for Much Ado About Nothing, OUDS/Thelma Holt Summer Tour, UK and Japan.   2012 Choreographer for A Little Night Music, Oxford Playhouse.                                                                  2012

Dancer and Performer in Dream Again Dance Company, Oxford.                                                                           2012

Dancer and Performer for Evolution 2012 Video Contest.                                                                          2012

Choreographer and Dancer in Platform 2011, O’Reilly Theatre, Oxford.                                                              2011

Dancer and Performer in Samara Dance Company, Oxford.                                                                       2011

Choreographer and Dancer for Venus and Adonis by John Blow, LMH, Oxford.                                2011

Movement Director for The Picture of Dorian Gray, Oxford Playhouse.                                               2011

Choreographer for A Man of All Seasons, St Mary’s Church, Oxford.                                                     2011

Dancer and Storyteller, The Little Mermaid, Burton Taylor Theatre, Oxford.                                      2009

Dancer, Dido and Aeneas, Somerville College, Oxford.                                                                               2008


Employment and Work Experience

BBC Performing Arts Fund Fellow, Choreography Fellowship with Halsway Manor       2015

  • A year-long Fellowship exploring the integration of folk dance with ballet, contemporary, partner dance and circus:
  • Support to create and perform choreographic work and pieces of dance theatre
  • Training in how to dance and teach numerous folk dance styles.

Creative Tutor, Pegasus Theatre, Oxford                                                                                       April-July 2015

  • Running workshops in circus and drama for 9-15 year olds.

Dance Instructor for Grooves and Moves Events Specialists.                                              Since Aug 2014

Assistant Tutor at Shooting Roots, Halsway Manor, Somerset                                                         Feb 2015

  • Running sessions in dance and drama for 12-19 year olds.

Chaperone for the youth theatre company at The Oxford Playhouse                  Nov 2014 – Mar 2015

 Associate Artist, Justice in Motion, dance and physical theatre company, Oxford.    Nov 14 – Feb 15

Dance instructor, the Ashmolean Museum Live Friday events.                                                       Oct 2014

Dancer with The Flaming Feathers vintage and cabaret dance troupe, Bristol.              Aug – Oct 2014

Assistant Director and Choreographer at Barnstorm Youth Theatre Project            Aug 2014 and 2010

  • Working with 11-18 year-olds devising theatre and dance.

Dancer and Performer, Stepping Out Residency 2014, Halsway Manor.                                     April 2014

– Integrating contemporary and folk dance into performances inspired by themes of war and injustice.


Workshop leader and educational facilitator with The Playhouse Plays Out Tent, Oxford Playhouse Summer Tour                                                                                                                                                     Summer 2013

  • Running theatre workshops for children in disadvantaged areas
  • Facilitating the Summer Tour.

Community Learning Facilitator for MacIntyre No Limits                                                          Jan-July 2013

  • Running dance workshops for young adults with autism
  • Facilitating the education of young adults with autism through one-on-one support.

Choreographer and Performer for Dramatic Change Theatre Company, Gloucestershire   2012-2013

  • Working with a cast with learning disabilities to create issue-based physical theatre productions: choreographing, directing and performing for a range of theatrical contexts.

Running dance workshops at University balls and events.                                           2012-2013

Co-Director for Hamlet for the Oxford Playhouse Shakespeare Summer School                     July 2012

  • Devising, choreographing and directing a physical-theatre production of Hamlet with the summer school youth theatre.